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About Jean Rowan, San Antonio SEO Expert

Some comments from clients

“...annual results show an 85% increase in [i]nquiries  received by FSCL compared to the same period last year (up to over 3,000)...”

“Congratulations! I wanted to let you know that your SEO/SEM effort is working – we show up on page 1 for SEO and our SEM ads are showing up alongside our competition. Thank you.”

"Business is booming! Sales up 29% over prior year. Profit more than doubled. Thanks for all your help!"

Jean Rowan has a marketing degree from Texas Lutheran University and almost 30 years of small business marketing experience.  In 2001, it was clear that online marketing was here to stay.  So Jean became an expert in search engine marketing.

To date, she has coached, trained and performed search engine marketing services for hundreds of small businesses.

It's clear that there was a real need in the San Antonio market for solid, practical SEO information. Business owners I talk to indicate they are getting several calls a day from people promising to get their website into top positions.

Unfortunately, most people shut their ears when they hear "SEO" thinking its just too complex for them to understand.    So business owners need an SEO expert who can explain good San Antonio SEO practices in plain English.  Armed with a little understanding, you will be in a better position to evaluate the SEO offerings available to you and determine which offer the best return on investment.

With limited budgets of time and money, understanding ROI is important in any marketing strategy, both online and traditional.  We'll help you understand which strategies will return the best results in the shortest time.

Cutting through the SEO Noise

How you benefit:

  • Enhance traffic and leads when your website moves up in position
  • Save time & money when you do-it-yourself (with a little guidance, of course)
  • Make better choices for your business when you understand enough basic SEO principles.
  • No time?  We can implement the on-site SEO for you.